Ernst Ströer

The Drumming of the Gods

Die Rhythmik Südindiens für Außerindische

Talas dirigieren - Solkattu sprechen - Korvais komponieren

Ein Lehr- und Übungsbuch

Format DIN A4
204 Seiten
€ 24,-
ISBN 978-3-00-060158-3
© 2018 Hans Peter und Ernst Ströer Musikverlag

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The Drumming of the Gods on Youtube

Welcome to the Youtube Channel of Ernst Ströer, Percussionist, Hand Drummer, Composer, Producer, Lecturer and Author.

„South Indian Music is an enormous cultural treasure and a great gift to the world, going back to the Indian gods. The rhythms, techniques and sounds of South Indian percussions build a cosmos on their own - beautiful, complex and awe inspiring. I like to share my personal approach on what and how to practice, unusual setups and ways to combine and crossover the musical worlds of South India and the West. Enjoy!“

The Drumming of the Gods on Spotify

The Drumming of the Gods“ is also a musical project. It offers a garden for musical flowers of all kinds, linked by the fusion of Western and Indian flavors. Watch out on all streaming services. Enjoy!

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